Aleksandar "Aki" Jelic

Born in Munich, Germany 1987



Started studying international business in Vienna 2007

dropped out of College and started an event agency 2009

opened his own nightclub 2012

opened his own bar 2014

sold all his equity and was looking for a new challenge 2016

Juri Mazumdar

1988 Born in Munich, Germany



2007 worked 1 Year in HIV-Care-Project in India

2008 worked as assistant editor, director and producer in berlin and munich

2010 started studying documentary film directing in Bolzano, Italy

2013 Graduated with "Kalyug", which ran in Toronto, Leipzig and Warsaw

2013 started working as freelance editor, director and producer in munich

2016 founded Juri & Aki Films

1999 went to Luisengymnasium HIgh School

2007 Graduated High School